Reflections of Nature Trail Building Division specializing in trail layout, design and construction of Sustainable Trails that Connect You to Nature. A natural trail through the forest that minimizes the environmental impact but maximizes the connection to nature, from your house throughout your property.

We are experts in trail planning, design, construction, and maintenance. Reflections of Nature works with public, private and non-profit entities to craft quality trail projects in both the Hudson Valley.

Reflections of Nature Creative Outdoor Spaces


We create stone and timber steps so you can climb up to high places, from which you can look down and survey your world.

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Activity nodes are placed creatively along the trail. In these nodes, we can build a waterfall, a fire pit or a meditation spot for you to enjoy.

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Creating spaces along the trail to raise a person’s curiosity. Magical Doorways and secret passage way tunnels through the trees.

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Merging with Nature

We can bring the trail adjacent to fallen trees and uniquely constructed benches so travelers can stop along the way, providing a natural focus for talk, dreams & thoughts.

Tranquil Views

Amazing Zen views of rock masses and streams can be created to build anticipation for the arrival.

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Bridges & Boardwalks

Magnificent Bridges and Boardwalks can be built from downed trees to give you new access to remote parts of your property.

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Extraordinary entrance Arbors & Portals of many types are created from branches and grape vines.

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Trail Maintenance Services

  • Trail Inspections
  • Clearing trails of natural obstructions
  • Remove of Invasive plants and vines
  • Protecting the Trail from erosion and runoff
  • Repairing Trail Damage
  • Removal of unwanted vegetation
  • Repairs to structures
  • Making new Signage


Reflections of Nature I’ve walked the nature trail that you created, more than a dozen times. It’s extremely well done. Two things I really appreciated about it were that it takes wonderful advantage of the stream, crossing it several times and allowing the walker to deeply appreciate the flowing water. The trail also goes right by an old, large, hollowed out tree that, in spite of it looking like it couldn’t possibly be alive, and has budding leaves on its topmost branches. Reminds one that no matter how bad things look, hope blooms eternally. The walk definitely inspires gratitude to nature and nature beings. The upper entrance is nothing short of spectacular; it’s as if the tree is both holding the entrance way and welcoming one to enter.
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Michael Mager
Educator and Visionary
I would like to express our deep gratitude to Reflections of Nature for the creation of the Wisdom Trail at the World Peace Sanctuary in Wassiac, NY. My husband and I have walked it many times and it has enhanced our awareness of the natural beauty and biodiversity of the woods and streams in our area. The trail has provided a deep and meaningful respite for us from the stress and sadness of the pandemic and we eagerly look forward to our walks along its meandering paths and rustic bridges. The refreshing sounds of water gurgling over the stones and the delicious smell of wood chips makes us feel part of the natural environment here. All in all the discovery of this trail has provided a much-needed magical experience of nature for us and for that we are truly grateful.
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Tonia Shoumatoff
Writer, Reporter, Scholar


You can attend one of Michael Gulbrandsen's “Walkin the Trail Workshops” to explore the practices of mindful movement. You will learn to become one with nature by listening to it's whispers, seeing the smallest details, and feeling the magic of the forest. All of our nature walks take place on the beautiful paths and trails of the Hudson Valley forests. Visit us at