Photos of landscaping projects completed by Michael Gulbrandsen


Here are just a few of the projects created in the Hudson Valley by Reflections of Nature Landscaping. Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

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Various types of gardens created by Mike Gulbrandsen.

Water Features

Stunning waterfalls and various types of water features can change the entire feel of an outdoor space, creating tranquility and exquisite beauty.

Trails & Rustic Structures

Beautiful, well appointed trails and rustic structure creations by Michael Gulbrandsen.


Pots and Planters

Various types and styles of flower pots and attractive planters create just the right amount of color and visual appeal to a space.

Miscellaneous Projects

Various types of projects created by Reflections of Nature Landscaping in the Hudson Valley, including walkways, gardens, trellises, sanctuaries, pathways, potted plant creations, bbq pits, patios, and more.